AGNO and its representatives are not investment advisors and neither manages money from anyone. Products sold through our web page are intended exclusively for general guidance and information purposes. The results shown in our models are not in any way a recommendation to buy or sell any securities or any other financial asset. All our models portrait hypothetical trading activity based on past data, there is not actual trading or real investment accounts used. Our studies do not regard to specific financial situations, risk profile or person. Transactional cost such as trading fees, portfolio management fees, advising fees or any other costs involved in any particular investment portfolio is not considered in our simulations. Our methodology uses past data and assumptions to extract a set of variables that have had good results in the study period. The implementations of these variables do not guarantee similar results in the future and there is no representation or warranty that any usage of our models will or is likely to achieve profits or losses as shown in our products. AGNO and its representatives are not responsible of any consequence (direct or indirect) from the use of any of our models results. Each client is responsible of the usage of any information they might extract from our services. Our models are intended for the recipients only, copy or distribution, in whole or part, of any of our models is prohibited. AGNO and its representatives make no representation or warranty, literal or implied as to the suitability, accuracy, completeness, availability or effectiveness of any of our products. Past market data used in our models may have incorrect data points, inaccuracies or missing information. Changes or corrections to existing information or model methodologies may happen without notice. Investing in securities have implied risks that everyone must consider, losing money is highly probable and we strongly suggest proper due diligence before investing.

Agno uses Python (open source programming language) and Backtrader (open source framework) to develop our reports. Both tools can be found at the following links:
https://www.python.org/   –  https://github.com/mementum/backtrader